About Simple Savings Bookkeeping

You’re here because handling the bookkeeping in your business is taking all your time away from actually running your business. In an attempt to save time, you throw your receipts into a file and promise to reconcile them all later. Like, way later.

Here’s the thing, though.

You didn’t go into business to reconcile accounts and track expenses. You started your company to do something you love and make an income doing so.

And you can get back to business with just a little help.

Hi. I’m Rachele. I started Simple Savings Bookkeeping because I’ve seen friends and family right where you are, staring into a box of receipts, wondering what to do next, and really wishing they could just get back to the part of the job they love.

So I learned what I could so that I could help them. I’ve worked with accountants and CPAs and I became certified as a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor.

I love working with the numbers, and the beauty of a perfectly balanced general ledger makes my heart go pitter-patter.  Helping you get back to business is my goal. I’m all about taking over that file full of receipts and tidying this up so you don’t have to wait for tax time panic and can know how your business is doing financially at any point in the year.

Because when you know how your business is doing financially, you can make better decisions and make your business dreams come true.

Are you ready to step away from the books and back into your business. Contact me. Let me help you get back to doing what you love best.

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Frequently asked questions

Why not just hire my own bookkeeper as an employee?

You always have this option as a business owner. However, traditional employees come at a much higher cost than independent contractors. If you imagine paying a bookkeeping employee only $15 an hour for 20 hours a week, compared to a $1000 a month package from a virtual bookkeeper like yours truly, here’s how it breaks down:

Expenses Traditional Employee (Annually) Virtual Bookkeeper (Annually)
Base Salary/Cost $15,600 $12,000
Benefits (15% of salary) $2,340 $0
Sick Days and Vacation $1,600 $0
Payroll Taxes $1,600 $0
Supplies & Equipment $2,000 $0
Administrative Costs $1,100 $0
Annual Total Cost $24,240 $12,000

As you can see, the savings can be immense!

I already use QuickBooks. What do I need a bookkeeper for?

Quickbooks is an excellent program for keeping track of the financial information for your business. In fact, that’s why I exclusively use QuickBooks Online with my clients and have even been certified by them to help business owners like you! However, even the most amazing and helpful of programs is still just that: a program. It is still possible to miscategorize expenses, overstate income, reconcile charges incorrectly, lose track of aged receivable and payables, and more. The program itself makes it simpler to keep track of your books, but you still need the knowledge of what is happening and how to reflect that accurately in the program to ensure there are no mistakes in your company finances, which could lead to costly errors later. Bookkeepers to the rescue!

Do you provide (insert specific service here)?

The short answer: we can! The long answer: our packages are truly intended as a starting point for services, and are available on our website to give you an idea of the range and prices. However, my absolutely favorite thing to do is to customize a package specifically for YOUR business needs. We offer a full suite of bookkeeping services, including the most basic monthly actions, like entering transactions and reconciling bank accounts, to more complex activities such as managing accounts receivable and accounts payable and even managing your payroll. Whatever your business needs, we can work together to make sure you are covered!